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Inaugural winners of the Australian Bee Tech Challenge announced

Joining the global movement to adopt innovative technologies to safeguard bee populations around the world, AgriFutures Honey Bee and Pollination Program in partnership with the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council (AHBIC) have announced LB AgTech, ...


Bee Tech Challenge seeks solutions to secure a brighter future for our bees

As technology becomes an increasingly critical component in the war against globally declining bee populations, AgriFutures Australia has launched the inaugural Bee Tech Challenge. 


To understand our bees, we must understand our plants

In Australia, through the Plan Bee program, we are embarking on a journey to implement estimated breeding values to assist in genetic selection.


What’s in the honey pot: Comprehensive database to support honey quality assurance

Australian beekeepers know their honey is top shelf, and now a project funded by AgriFutures Honey Bee & Pollination Program is giving beekeepers and the industry the scientific evidence and confidence to support their premium-product claims locally ...


National program to offer free genetic testing to all Australian bee breeders

Plan Bee has today announced that it will be offering free genetic testing to all Australian bee breeders who are interested in learning more about their genetic lines.


Plan Bee researcher profile: Tiff Bates

In this profile we introduce Tiff Bates Apiary Manager for the CRCHBP at the University of Western Australia, one of the core team members of the Plan Bee program.


Postage delays – what it means for queen breeders and beekeepers

Australia is current experiencing delays on postage services, with mail and parcels being delayed by weeks at a time. This is causing significant issues for queen breeders and beekeepers.


Best in the West: Improving the genetics of WA bee stock

Western Australia is an important region for the Australian honey bee industry, with a breeding program dating back to the 1980s. With good breeding stock maintained in Western Australia for over forty years, the region is a critical part of the succ...


Renewed partnership to benefit the Australian Manuka Industry

AgriFutures Australia has welcomed the opportunity for an ongoing partnership with ManukaLife, collaborating to provide a further opportunity for the Australian Manuka industry to enter the high-grade Manuka honey market.


Grant offers sweet opportunity for honey bee and pollination industry

Applications are now open for AgriFutures Honey Bee & Pollination Program's Industry Development Grants. Individuals and organisations involved in the honey bee and pollination industry, with an idea or project that has the potential to benefit ...


Collaboration opens doors to “big picture” research

Adding value to the thousands of levy payers across our industries is a key driver for research, development and extension (RD&E) at AgriFutures Australia. Now more than ever, collaboration will drive the way we deliver research outcomes for farmers ...


AgriFutures Australia receives Australian Government grant to rebuild the bushfire-devastated honey bee and pollination industry

AgriFutures Australia has welcomed a $600,000 grant from the Australian Government for research, development and extension (RD&E) to support the industry as it continues its recovery from the 2019-20 Summer bushfires.


The future of honey: from a pantry staple to the medicine cabinet

Honey has long been used as a traditional medicine. From Ancient Egyptians, and Romans, to the Russian army in World War I, honey has been used to treat wounds and intestinal diseases. However, its place in modern medicine has been limited because of...


Help us shape the future of Australian agriculture

We're inviting stakeholders across all our rural industries, programs and projects to participate in our Annual Stakeholder Survey.


The Honey Bee & Pollination Advisory Panel farewells highly regarded colleagues

In 2020-21 the AgriFutures Honey Bee & Pollination Advisory Panel farewelled Dr Doug Somerville, Danny Le Feuvre and Tiffane Bates. Doug, Danny and Tiffane all served on the Advisory Panel at a pivotal time for the Program and the industry. While the...


Plan Bee researcher profile: Dr Nadine Chapman

Plan Bee is a national genetic improvement program using innovative breeding technologies to transform the performance of honey bees in Australia. The project team are located throughout the country and are experts on everything from genetics, entomo...