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Fast Tracking the Next Generation of Thoroughbred Horse Breeders

A world-class program is helping to secure the future of the thoroughbred breeding industry by equipping the next generation of workers for an exciting and rewarding career.


Concussion and stress research puts jockey safety in the saddle

New research funded by AgriFutures Australia's (AgriFutures) Thoroughbred Horses Program and Racing Victoria aims to reduce workplace health risks by changing the way a jockey is monitored after a concussion to better inform their recovery and retu...


Search for silent carriers set to strangle disease transmission

A project funded by AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program is seeking to make inroads into eradicating the most commonly diagnosed infectious disease in horses worldwide — strangles — by identifying and treating horses who may be 'silen...


‘Phage therapy’ could hold the key to managing foal pneumonia

In response to industry concerns, researchers are travelling back in time to investigate historical disease management approaches that could lead to a novel treatment for the management of Rhodococcus equi (R. equi) pneumonia, more commonly known as ...


Are you a breeder? Equine vet? Trainer, stud manager or employee? OR generally interested in thoroughbred horses?

Join AgriFutures Australia and Thoroughbred Breeders Victoria for our 2021/22 webinar series.


Horizon Scholar Alyse Wood has Olympic-sized career aspirations

Sponsored by AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program the 2021 AgriFutures Australia Horizon Scholar is keen to make her mark on the equine world, holding a lifelong dream to one day travel as a veterinarian with the Australian Equestrian Olympic Team...


Fast turnaround for Hendra diagnosis improves horse welfare and human safety

Veterinarians at The University of Queensland are now able to diagnose the deadly Hendra virus in horses in under an hour with a new rapid diagnostic point-of-care test. The new test rapidly detects the pathogen on site reducing the exposure to both ...


Equine and community dynamo Dr Catherine Chicken joins iconic rural leadership program

Catherine Chicken has been selected to participate in Course 28 of the Australian Rural Leadership Program (ARLP), sponsored by AgriFutures Australia's Thoroughbred Horses Program. Kicking off this month, she joins 28 other like-minded leaders acro...


Collaboration opens doors to “big picture” research

Adding value to the thousands of levy payers across our industries is a key driver for research, development and extension (RD&E) at AgriFutures Australia. Now more than ever, collaboration will drive the way we deliver research outcomes for farmers ...


Novel fertility device set to drive value for thoroughbred breeding

Breeding thoroughbreds is an expensive and uncertain process because unlike other livestock, thoroughbred foals can't be registered unless they're produced by natural conception (live cover), as opposed to artificial insemination.


Help us shape the future of Australian agriculture

We're inviting stakeholders across all our rural industries, programs and projects to participate in our Annual Stakeholder Survey.


Cowpea aphid infestations linked to photosensitisation in thoroughbred horses

Horse owners are urged to check pastures regularly and take necessary precautions to prevent Cowpea aphid outbreaks on their lucerne or lucerne mix pastures to reduce the likelihood of photosensitisation occurring in their horses


Fact vs fiction: A new tool to detect gene editing in thoroughbred horses

Critical to protecting the welfare of thoroughbred horses and the integrity of the industry is efficiently detecting the illegal practice of gene editing. Gene editing, a method of gene doping used to artificially and illegally enhance performance in...


Catherine Chicken has worn many hats and embodies adaptability – the key to a bright future for agriculture

To celebrate International Day of Rural Women, we are shining a light on some of the incredible women from regional, rural and remote parts of Australia who we get to work with at AgriFutures Australia. One of these incredible women is Catherine Chic...


Coming full circle: Two renowned thoroughbred horse breeders support the industry that has helped them

The AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horse Advisory Panel is excited to welcome two thoroughbred horse breeders to the Advisory Panel bringing decades of expertise to drive the industry's focus on research and development.


Healthier hearts, healthier horses

The recent discovery of heart muscle scarring in some thoroughbred horses has the potential to change how the thoroughbred industry keeps horses healthy and performing their best.