Pasture seeds consultants, growers and researchers wanted: applications now open for AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program Advisory Panel


AgriFutures Australia currently has two positions open to join the AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Advisory Panel.

This exciting opportunity is open to growers and/or consultants as well as pasture production system researchers, with an interest in contributing to the profitability and sustainability of the pasture seed industry.

This is also a fantastic capacity building opportunity for the next generation of pasture seed  industry leaders.

About the AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program

The AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program invests in Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) that maximises opportunities and minimises risks for a profitable and sustainable pasture seeds industry with a reputation for reliable supply of quality certified temperate pasture species.

The Program focuses on certified temperate pasture species subject to the Australian Government pasture seeds levy, namely lucerne, sub-clover, other clovers, medics and serradella.

The importance of the pasture seeds industry lies in its contribution to the productivity of other agricultural sectors. Key components of this Program include improving seed production and processing efficiencies and investing in pasture seed market development.

About the Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel consists of independent growers, consultants, and pasture production scientists with a range of skills and experience in the pasture seeds industry.

The Advisory Panel, in partnership with AgriFutures Australia, provides recommendations on the allocation of RD&E funding for the AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program.

AgriFutures Australia aims to maintain geographical, age and gender diversity to ensure that the Advisory Panel appropriately represents the pasture seeds industry.

Advisory Panel member roles & responsibilities

The core functions of AgriFutures Industry Advisory Panels are to ensure that RD&E investment remains industry-demand driven, including:

  • Advising– providing advice on the industry requirements for investment through the development and monitoring of Strategic RD&E Plans
  • Identifying – providing recommendations to AgriFutures on suitable RD&E opportunities and activities to address industry issues
  • Aligning – providing feedback and investment advice on RD&E proposals submitted to AgriFutures to ensure investment is aligned to priorities in the respective Program’s Strategic RD&E Plan
  • Awareness – representing the industry to advise and assist in the dissemination, adoption and commercialisation of RD&E activities.

Activities of the Program are funded by industry levy and Commonwealth funds, and any funds contributed from third parties. Advisory Panel members are recompensed for their services to AgriFutures Australia at rates determined by the Commonwealth’s Remuneration Tribunal.

Panel members may be required for up to 25 days per year and some travel is necessary.

How to apply

Applicants are required to complete the application form (including the skills matrix) and attach their CV (no longer than three pages) via the online application system.

As part of the application process applicants will be required to outline relevant experience in the Australian agricultural sector and expected contribution to the Advisory Panel.

Submissions close 12 noon, Friday 22 October 2021.


Emma Hand

Manager, Research – Pasture Seeds, Export Fodder, and Ginger

0427 347 269

Pasture Seeds Advisory Panel Keith South Australia