Tara Luca

Provenance Storytelling for Success


Now, more than ever, consumers are demanding to know more about where and how their food and fibre is produced.

Building provenance and storytelling can play a critical role in sustaining, increasing or expanding market share for Australian products. It is no longer just relevant for niche or boutique product offerings and is now a mainstream marketing approach for supermarkets and well-known clothing chains. It is also an evolving trend not just confined to international markets and consumers; increasingly, it is key to improving connectivity with Australian consumers who want to understand the who, the where and the how behind their food and fibre they consume.

AgriFutures Australia engaged Honey and Fox to deliver a suite of resources focused on the options for Australian producers to build provenance and improve storytelling to better interact with domestic and overseas consumers both now and into the future.

The resources include:

  • Summary of consumer trends towards provenance, and technologies and platforms for sharing production stories
  • Practical guide and templates to help producers to share their story
  • Case studies outlining how producers are capitalising on the benefits of improved provenance storytelling within their businesses.

The resources are practical, easy to navigate and relevant to Australian providers who want to share their provenance story.

Case Study Videos

Provenance storytelling case study: Candy Abalone

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Provenance storytelling case study: Pure Gold Pineapples

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Provenance storytelling case study: Australian Wool Network

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