Request for Quote: extensionAUS management services – Relationship Manager

This Request for Quote closes 12 noon (AEST) Monday, 4 July 2022. 


AgriFutures Australia in collaboration with Agriculture Victoria and NSW Department of Primary Industries established the extensionAUS platform in 2013. extensionAUS presents a suite of tools and resources that have been set up to support a Community of Practice (CoP) and encourage and support extension of research and producer-led adoption activities 

What is a Community of Practice? 

A CoP brings together a network of scientists, academics and practitioners in rural industries and communities to collaborate, share research and experiences, create ideas, and produce solutions together. This information exchange creates a conversation directly between subject matter experts and the end user. 

Why is a Community of Practice Important? 

The agriculture sector in Australia faces a variety of challenges and opportunities. A CoP offers members a platform to raise issues and harness the knowledge and wisdom of a range of experts to come together to problem solve, overcome and develop sustainable solutions. This ‘learning network’ also allows the exchange of cutting-edge research, new developments, and professional learning opportunities. It has the potential to improve farming businesses and rural communities across Australia. 

What are the benefits? 

A CoP allows members to have access to extensionAUS which provides a simple, easy-to-navigate platform where people can come together to develop creative solutions to complex problems. 

Some key benefits include; 

  • Members are regularly updated on new advances and innovations in their field of interest allowing them to remain globally competitive. 
  • extensionAUS provides various learning opportunities via tutorials, webinars and professional development programs to all members. 
  • Connecting through a CoP with like-minded individuals allows members to expand their professional networks and fosters new collaboration opportunities. 
  • Allows members to directly connect with industry expects to troubleshoot problems in real-time and find sustainable solutions for the whole industry.   

Service Requirements

AgriFutures Australia is seeking a service provider to serve as a Relationship Manager for our extensionAUS platform. This role will work closely with both our internal team and also the web designer/developer to reinvigorate the platform.


Ideally, staff resources are to be in place and operating by October 2022. Possible role responsibilities may include;

Relationship Manager – 3 years

  • Work closely with the website designer to ensure modifications meet the current and future needs of producers.
  • Consult with CoP users to develop an enhanced extensionAUS platform.
  • Work closely with producers and current CoPs to facilitate and improve extension and adoption.
  • Identify gaps and producer needs while actively seeking solutions.
  • Promote extensionAUS through various mediums and communication channels to increase awareness.
  • Engage with industry and stakeholders to actively seek and encourage new CoPs.
  • Present to the partners new initiatives and opportunities for collaboration on a regular basis and actively promote increased engagement.
  • Monitor and report on user interactions with the platform, including developing a Communication Plan and a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan and manage/collaborate with other stakeholders to execute these Plans.

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Date Activity
30 May 2022 Request for Quote Issue
4 July 2022 End of period for questions or requests for information
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5 September 2022 Contract execution
01 October 2022 Date of commencement of project 
30 June 2025 Date of completion of project


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