Independent Mid-Term evaluation of the Rural R&D for Profit 18-04-021 Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program


This Request for Tender closes 12noon (AEDT) Friday 29 October 2021 


AgriFutures Australia is seeking a service provider to undertake an independent evaluation of the mid-term progress of the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation Research and Development for Profit (Rural R&D for Profit) 18-04-021 Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program.

The Rural R&D for Profit 18-04-021 Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program project aims to develop a national genetic improvement program to transform the performance of honeybees in Australia using innovative breeding technologies. To develop and implement best practice genetic selection methods that beekeepers can use to assess honey production, pollination and health traits. The project will focus on selecting traits of importance to beekeeping, horticulture and broadacre industries dependent on honeybee pollination. The project will develop a national database to hold the honeybee genetic trait data and also undertake an economic evaluation of breeding programs.

This project has now reached its mid-point, so through this RFQ, AgriFutures aims to evaluate project progress, compliance of activities and objectives within the approved activity matrix and to report against the monitoring, evaluation and reporting framework that exists for the project.


  Activity Date
Request for Tender Issue 08 October 2021
Closing date for K2 new user requests 27 October 2021
End of period for questions or requests for information 29 October 2021
Closing time for respondent’s response 12 noon AEDT 29 October 2021
Contract execution 19th November 2021
Date of completion of project Latest 21 January 2022

Project deliverables

Project Deliverables: 

  1. The following project deliverables are expected;
    review of current project documentation including the activity matrix, MER framework, communication and extension plan and submitted performance reports2. consultation with internal and external stakeholders involved in the project
  2. assessment of the criteria and RFQ objectives
  3. development of a draft report
  4. consultation with the project steering committee advising on findings and recommendations
  5. delivery of the final report using the AgriFutures Australian final report template and submission via K2.


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