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Welcoming a fresh perspective on People & Leadership

AgriFutures Australia is excited to welcome a fresh new face to the team. Angela Wakeman recently joined the organisation as the new Manager, Capacity Building and brings with her a wealth of experience, knowledge and passion.


A word from an AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship Sponsor: Dairy Australia

This opinion piece co-authored by AgriFutures Horizon Scholar Julia Payne and Dairy Australia, who are a sponsor of the AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship program, explores the role of capability development in ensuring our industries have an adaptable...


Exploring the future of food: Lessons for the next generation with Mike Lee

During a recent online workshop, the current cohort of AgriFutures Horizon Scholars were challenged to reimagine the future of the food industry and the role they would play in building this future.


Blue sky thinking: Challenging the rice industry for sustainable and long-term productivity

Droughts, fires and a pandemic. Rice supply in Australia is now front page news. Australians are demanding Australian rice and producers want to grow rice. But it is not as simple as ‘just adding water’.


Proving virtual is no barrier to collaboration and connection

The AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship has always been about innovation, ingenuity, connection and creativity. So following the cancellation of the face-to-face annual workshop this year, we knew we had to do something different and got creative with th...


Biological weed control providing cost effective, sustainable solutions

A major project led by AgriFutures Australia is gaining momentum in improving the long-term profitability of primary producers through the development of novel weed biocontrol solutions.


The mindset of a young farmer

Charlie Bergmeier is a fourth-generation mixed broad-acre farmer at Galore, west of Wagga Wagga NSW who is studying a double degree in Business and Agriculture. He is also an AgriFutures Horizon Scholarship Alumni and an innovator with a passion for ...


Coming full circle: Two renowned thoroughbred horse breeders support the industry that that has helped them

The AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horse Advisory Panel is excited to welcome two thoroughbred horse breeders to the Advisory Panel bringing decades of expertise to drive the industry’s focus on research and development.


‘Plan Bee’ to deliver A+ breeding tech to honey bee industry

In a first for Australian honey bee breeding programs, a national genetic improvement program is underway to protect the beekeeping, horticulture and broadacre industries dependent on superior honey bee performance.


Reflecting on the path to sustainability of the Australian Ginger Industry

Big shoes to fill is how insiders describe the contribution of Dr Mike Smith and Jason Keating to the AgriFutures Ginger Advisory Panel and the Australian ginger industry more broadly.AgriFutures Australia is now seeking applications for two new...


Where would we be without bees?

Can you imagine life in Australia without macadamias, avocados or blueberries? Our bees are about so much more than just honey. Once we acknowledge the vital role they play in our food security there are some critical, yet simple, things we can do to...


Resilience and Leadership with Rachael Robertson

As part of the 2020 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award Capacity Building Virtual Program, a workshop around resilience and leadership has taken place, lead by International Speaker and Author, Rachael Robertson.


Kelly Barnes – 2020 AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award VIC Winner

Kelly Barnes' love for dogs and personal experience with chronic pain and mental health have lead her to develop Mates Working Dog School - a working dog school to build low stress stock handling skills and to create a strong bond between dogs and th...


New variety transitions quinoa from boutique to broadacre

A new open access quinoa variety developed in Australia is set to boost opportunities for farmers to grow the popular superfood, with increased production potential for both local and international markets. As the first public, non-contract variety i...


Dr Mary Retallack: A recovering perfectionist

Dr Mary Retallack was named the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award National Winner in 2012. Mary's story that will be featured in our upcoming AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award “Celebrating 21 years” book is about doing what you love, managing expectati...


Sue Middleton: Entrepreneur, disruptor and climate change advocate

Sue Middleton was named the RIRDC Rural Women’s Award National Winner in 2010. Sue's story will be featured in the upcoming AgriFutures Rural Women’s Award “Celebrating 21 years” book, and is about the importance of creating change and maki...