Growth of insect farming is underpinned by its potential to address several challenges, such as pressure on natural resources, climate volatility, a growing global population, and increased protein demand. Insects are vital to addressing these challenges, they are more efficient converters of ingested food to body weight than traditional livestock.

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It’s not just crickets – new plan guides future of Australian insect industry

With the global insect market expected to be worth more than US$6.8 billion by 2032, AgriFutures Australia has released a new five-year plan to accelerate the growth of the emerging Australian industry.

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INSECTS / 24.06.24

Bug Bites: Unveiling the Nutritional Benefits of Insects

Did you know that insects are embraced as food by over two billion people worldwide? Despite challenges with social acceptance and industry standards, Australia’s edible insect industry is on the rise. The recent Nutritional qualities of black soldier fly larvae report explores solutions, highlighting the potential of black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) for human food, and animal feed.

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INSECTS / 03.07.23

Buzz-worthy team takes flight: meet the Emerging Insect Technology Hub’s new swarm of committee members

A knowledge-sharing initiative aimed at accelerating insect farming as an emerging industry in Africa and Australia is being spearheaded by an accomplished group of scientists, farmers and business professionals.

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INSECTS / 07.02.23

What are Black Soldier Flies? Reasoning behind the project

The Black Soldier Fly (BSF) or Hermetia illucens, is an introduced species to Australia common to the south-eastern part of the United States

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