The opportunities for sesame are seemingly endless – a variety of food products including raw sesame seeds, oil, tahini, ground sesame; nutraceuticals; pharmaceuticals; cosmeceuticals; and sesame meal as stock feed. Add the recent introduction of new high-quality, high-yielding, non-dehiscing sesame varieties that can be mechanically harvested to the mix and it is clear why there is newfound enthusiasm for the Australian sesame industry.

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Open sesame! $2m national research program to scale up emerging industry

AgriFutures Australia is investing $2 million into a new five-year national program of research to scale-up production of the high-value crop sesame.

3 min read

SESAME / 15.08.23

Revolutionising the Sesame Industry: Unveiling a Cutting-Edge Collaborative Research Hub

With the global sesame seed market expected to reach A$26 billion by 2025, the Australian sesame industry has been identified as a high-growth potential emerging industry.

4 min read

SESAME / 08.10.21

Sesame Streets Ahead: New Strategy to Drive the Growth of Australia’s Sesame Industry

An ancient oilseed revered for its medicinal and nutritional properties, interest in sesame seeds and its derivative products is rapidly gaining around the world.

6 min read