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The thoroughbred breeding industry in Australia is responsible for generating more than $1.16 billion to the Australian economy and is the second largest in the world. AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horses Program invests in high-impact RD&E that improves the sustainability, productivity and competitiveness of the Australian thoroughbred industry.

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New research into the impact of radiographic lesions to help the thoroughbred industry

New research focused on Australian thoroughbreds is now available to help understand the impact of a range of lesions on a yearling’s potential racing performance.

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AgriFutures Fast Track Program: A career where no day (or horse) is the same for Audrey Keck

Two years after finishing school, Audrey was working as a barista and looking for career options outside of the 9-to-5 grind when she came across the Fast Track program on Facebook which sparked her interest.

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2023 Les Young Scholarship applications now open

In honour of Les Young’s lifetime commitment to the thoroughbred and racing industry, AgriFutures Australia has announced the establishment of a new scholarship – the Les Young Scholarship.

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Industry intervention integral to tackling escalating dewormer resistance

The results of more than four years of research, funded through the AgriFutures Thoroughbred Horse Program, indicate resistance in intestinal parasites to commonly used dewormers is widespread across all major thoroughbred breeding regions. Tests carried out on more than 3,400 faecal samples from 78 thoroughbred breeding operations across Australia have revealed high worm burdens, especially in younger horses, and that the resistance is escalating.

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