Goat Fibre

The Australian goat fibre industry is made up of two sub-industries – mohair and cashmere – and product is used to manufacture fine, quality clothing and furniture fabrics.

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Goat Fibre

Future farmers: AgriFutures boosts Narrandera High School Angora Goat Program

AgriFutures Australia has thrown its support behind a unique high school program in rural NSW that provides students with hands-on experience and education focused on goats.

3 min read

GOAT FIBRE / 21.11.23

Future Fibre Farming: Transforming Australia’s goat fibre industry

The AgriFutures Australian goat fibre extension and industry development program has just been launched with the aim of transforming the hobbyist niche into a mainstream commercial animal fibre.

4 min read

GOAT FIBRE / 14.04.23

First of its kind agriculture innovation tour connects producers across the country

Agritech has taken enormous steps in recent times – but on-farm uptake hasn’t advanced at the same pace. Determined to match strides, AgriFutures Australia hosted the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour in February 2023.

5 min read

GOAT FIBRE / 02.11.22

Calling all AgriFutures Australia growers and producers: you are invited to be a part of the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour

Advancements in agricultural technology have enabled more informed decision-making about crops and livestock, eased traditionally labour-intensive tasks, reduced environmental impacts, and generated a range of efficiencies in production, processing and distribution.

2 min read