Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is Australia’s most consumed source of meat-based protein. With the lowest environmental footprint of all meats, and as the least expensive form of meat protein, Australian chicken is loved for its convenience, affordability, and versatility.

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Chicken Meat

Five surprising things about a career in the chicken meat industry

Most people know Australians eat more chicken than any other meat, but what may be surprising is how unexpectedly diverse and fascinating a career in the chicken meat industry can be.

4 min read

Chickens being held by human hands.
CHICKEN MEAT / 03.10.23

Roast chooks for all: Cultivating the chicken meat workforce

AgriFutures has partnered with the chicken meat industry to launch the traineeship, which provides an unparalleled opportunity to launch a career in a thriving sector for people in their early career who are interested in animal welfare, innovation and sustainability.

3 min read

Cheryl McCarthy, Cathy McGowan, Jaqui Mitchell
CHICKEN MEAT / 03.08.23

Chicken welfare top of the pecking order for the 2023 AgriFutures Research Awards

A groundbreaking animal growth and welfare monitoring, detection and notification system has been awarded the annual AgriFutures Research Award for 2023.

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CHICKEN MEAT / 23.05.23

World-first chicken meat research consortium set to level up Australia’s favourite meat

It’s already Australia’s most popular animal protein. But now, a world-first research project is set to give consumers even more reasons to love chicken meat.  

The Sustainable Precision Feeding in Broiler Chickens in Australia project has brought together poultry industry partners and leading research providers to investigate how chicken meat producers can use nutrition to optimise gut health, animal welfare, and sustainability outcomes.   

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