Chicken Meat

Chicken meat is Australia’s most consumed source of meat-based protein. With the lowest environmental footprint of all meats, and as the least expensive form of meat protein, Australian chicken is loved for its convenience, affordability, and versatility.

Woman holding chick in chicken farm

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Chicken Meat

Guidelines central to on-farm emergency management plans

Chicken meat and egg industries unite to tackle disease threat amid ever-increasing industry biosecurity challenge.

4 min read

CHICKEN MEAT / 07.05.24

Gary Sansom Scholarship supporting future chicken meat leaders

Supporting students looking at a career in the chicken meat industry. The 2024 recipient of the prestigious Gary Sansom Scholarship is researching the feasibility of food-waste based diets on meat chickens.

5 min read

CHICKEN MEAT / 30.04.24

Litter project findings bed down pivotal industry investments

A major body of research investigating various aspects of sourcing, management, reuse and disposal is underpinning the successful utilisation of one of the Australian chicken meat industry’s largest operational investments — litter.

5 min read

CHICKEN MEAT / 15.03.24

Passion to contribute underpins Horizon Scholars’ motivations

Emerging industry leaders Jarrah Ransome and Lucy Ford driven to improve animal welfare and shape global food and fibre production. We caught up with Jarrah and Lucy to understand what is behind their passion for agriculture, what they hope to gain from their experience as a Horizon Scholar and where they see their future heading.

8 min read