Export Fodder

For more than 25 years, the Australian export fodder industry has supplied forage to countries around the world. Key export markets include Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan. Export fodder includes a wide range of crop and pasture species that are grown, harvested and lightly processed for both on-farm use and export. Export fodder production includes hay and silage of all types (pasture, cereal, lucerne, clover and others), chaff, vetch and pelletised feed.

export hay being cut and bailed on farm

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Export Fodder

Research unlocks new potential of oaten hay in dairy production

Oaten hay is more than a simple source of fodder fibre, and new research is backing up this well-known theory.

3 min read

EXPORT FODDER / 14.04.23

First of its kind agriculture innovation tour connects producers across the country

Agritech has taken enormous steps in recent times – but on-farm uptake hasn’t advanced at the same pace. Determined to match strides, AgriFutures Australia hosted the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour in February 2023.

5 min read

EXPORT FODDER / 22.12.22

AgriFutures Chicken Meat and Export Fodder Advisory Panel member recruitment

AgriFutures Australia is currently recruiting for positions across our Chicken Meat and Export Fodder Advisory Panels.

4 min read

EXPORT FODDER / 02.11.22

Calling all AgriFutures Australia growers and producers: you are invited to be a part of the inaugural Innovation Intensive Tour

Advancements in agricultural technology have enabled more informed decision-making about crops and livestock, eased traditionally labour-intensive tasks, reduced environmental impacts, and generated a range of efficiencies in production, processing and distribution.

2 min read