Producer Technology Uptake Program

Building on the success of the 2021 pilot program, AgriFutures Australia is rolling out Round 3 of the Producer Technology Uptake Program to support eligible producer groups and Agricultural High Schools to increase adoption of technology solutions on-farm.

The program is designed to work with existing producer networks, who know and understand the needs of producers in their region as well as producer maturity in terms of digital literacy and capacity for technology uptake.

This is a national program and projects are to be completed over a twelve-month period. AgriFutures Australia will work closely with successful groups to support the roll-out of program activities. A key part of the program is to leverage learnings across groups and ensure there is peer-to-peer learning across producers.

Applications are now closed. 

Who is the program targeting?

The program targets producers that are interested and willing to research and innovate and adopt technology, but may lack the knowledge, skills or experience to achieve it. We know that there are a range of barriers to on-farm technology adoption, including:

  • Producers overwhelmed with options
  • Lack of local support or advisory services
  • Lack of individual skills or knowledge around technology and its application
  • The value proposition or return on investment is not clear
  • Integration of technology across multiple systems, e.g. software applications

The program targets producers who may not have kicked off plans to adopt technology in their business but want to overcome some of these barriers to begin.

The program is not designed for “early” technology adopters, ie. those that have developed skills and are already well-established technology users, but it is an asset to have their input as part of the program.

Agricultural High Schools

AgriFutures Australia is pleased to announce an expansion of the program to include eligible Agricultural High Schools. Eligible schools will have the opportunity to apply for up to $20,000 (excluding gst) to develop a bespoke activity or project that will build students capacity to learn, understand and incorporate technology on-farm. In addition to the grant, successful Agricultural High Schools will also have access to an online technology adoption resource hub. Eligible schools are encouraged to discuss their application with AgriFutures Australia and consider what support mechanisms may be required for the activity or project roll-out.

What is a producer group?

We recognise that the definition of ‘producer group’ can be wide and varied, so we have provided some guidance below.

  • Existing groups that currently deliver capacity building and on-farm extension activities, e.g. Farming systems groups, grower groups
  • Agribusinesses who have formed groups around their client base and can deliver technology adoption activities, e.g. agronomists, benchmarking groups
  • Landcare groups that deliver on-ground producer training and extension opportunities with an interest in producer technology adoption.
  • An industry group/association/organisation with a pre-existing extension arm that undertakes research and extension activities with producers.

Groups will be required to demonstrate their experience and capacity to deliver their proposed program. If you have any questions about your group’s eligibility for this program, please contact

Is my group or school eligible

If you answer ‘yes’ to the following criteria, then you are eligible to apply.

  • Is your group based in Australia?
  • Does your group* represent producer members (farmers, fishers or foresters) or does your school have a designated agricultural department?
  • Are you currently registered with an ABN?
  • Does your group have at least 10 producers or students committed to participating in the program?
  • Does your group or school have experience in managing grants, including financial and reporting systems?
  • Would participation in the program genuinely benefit producers or students in your group?

*As defined under ‘what is a producer group’. If you have any questions about your groups’ eligibility, please reach out to us at

*An Agricultural High School for the purpose of this grant is defined as a high school with a designated agricultural department.

To ensure funding reaches as many groups as possible to support on-ground technology adoption, producer groups that have previously received funding under AgriFutures Australia’s Producer Technology Uptake Program will not be eligible to apply for future rounds at this point in time.


Ulicia Raufers

Manager, Innovation






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