Surveillance and pathotyping of circulating IBDV strains


This project aims to extend the work we are currently doing on IBDV with a focus on characterising the most recent field strains of IBDV. In particular, a Vic variant isolated in 2007 from broilers showing elevated mortalities will be studied in detail using reverse engineering in an attempt to accurately identify virulence determinants and surveillance continued to ensure that similar strains are detected rapidly thereby minimizing spread of such strains.


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(a) To continue monitoring genetic changes occurring in circulating IBDV field strains (b) To examine the pathogenicity of selected field isolates displaying unusual amino acids changes in SPF flocks (c) To apply a reverse genetic system for IBDV to: - ascertain the importance of specific mutations within the VP2 gene related to virulence of endemic strains - examine the pathogenicity of recent Vic variant (12/07) associated with elevated mortalities in broilers

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Monday, February 1, 2010

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

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Safeguarding Australia

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CME-Improve chicken meat production through the whole supply chain