Free screening service to test for insecticide resistance in the redlegged earth mite


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Have you noticed a chemical control failure or suspect insecticide resistance in redlegged earth mite (RLEM)? If so, we can help to test whether your local RLEM populations have developed insecticide resistance.

RLEM is a major cross-industry pest affecting the pasture seed industry. Chemical pesticides available for their control are decreasingly effective due to the evolution of resistance.

Insecticide resistance in RLEM is increasing across Southern Australia and resistance to both pyrethroids (SPs) and organophosphates (OPs) is now widespread across Western Australia. Since 2016 resistance has been confirmed in multiple populations from South Australia and Victoria.

Cesar Australia is offering a screening service to test for insecticide resistance in RLEM within South Australia, Victoria, NSW and Tasmania.

The screening is at no-cost for Australian pasture seed growers and advisers, thanks to co-investment by AgriFutures Pasture Seeds Program. This adds to a larger program funded by GRDC, allowing some research activities in grains systems to be extended to pasture seed producers.

We are particularly interested in hearing from growers or advisors who have had noted recent or past failures or have paddocks that are frequently impacted by the mites, and often require spraying.

The service will not only help detect any resistance before it becomes widespread but will also help identify the best control options for growers.

Cesar Australia will be undertaking field trips in the coming months to collect RLEM for resistance screening. Growers and advisors are encouraged to get in touch with Cesar Australia to discuss RLEM collection from your area.

A collection kit can also be provided containing the necessary equipment to send mites in for screening if required. 

For further information or to access the resistance testing service, please contact:

Dr Aston Arthur, Cesar Australia

Phone 0427 875 040

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