New marsupials complementing InterGrain’s oat portfolio


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With an eye to providing industry with a range of genetic tools to suit various farming situations, InterGrain have added two new conventional oaten hay varieties, Wallaby and Kultarr to its cereal portfolio.

Bred by the National Oat Breeding Program, formerly led by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI), the research arm of the Department of Primary Industries and Regions, with support from AgriFutures Export Fodder Program and Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO) these new oaten hay varieties are being commercialised by InterGrain.

According to InterGrain’s Oat Breeder, Dr Allan Rattey, Wallaby and Kultarr are complementary varieties providing oaten hay growers alternative options to existing varieties Mulgara, Brusher and Wintaroo. Both marsupials have been made available in limited quantities to growers this season.

“Mid-maturing Wallaby was bred targeting exceptional oaten hay quality, with very high digestibility and WSC, whilst delivering high yields and an effective disease resistance profile,” Allan said.

“Kultarr is a mid-quick variety well suited to medium to low rainfall environments, it offers high hay yields and is a tall variety, an advantage in tougher seasons.

Current hay yield and quality data is very encouraging for these two varieties. The combination of 2022 paddock performance and data from the InterGrain breeding trials (19 locations) and National Hay Agronomy trials (six locations, (six locations, project funded by AgriFutures Export Fodder Program) will provide an excellent opportunity to gather additional information for Wallaby and Kultarr.

“We have been pleased with grower interest across WA, SA and VIC for the limited seed available for planting this season and look forward to feedback throughout the year on the paddock performance of the two oat varieties.

InterGrain is proud to be partnering with industry focused company, AEXCO to bring the two new varieties to market.

“The commercialisation partnership with AEXCO enables InterGrain to engage with oaten hay end-users ensuring a high level of transparency around industry challenges, opportunities and international market quality requirements,” Allan said.

“InterGrain always prioritises maximising grower returns from the varieties we introduce and look to engage in strategic partnerships that deliver value.

“Our new industry partnership with AEXCO, and the launch of Wallaby and Kultarr, demonstrates our commitment to establishing a successful oat breeding program to complement and build on our Australian wide market leading cereal breeding programs,” Allan said.

Media release first published by Intergrain: New marsupials complementing InterGrain’s oat portfolio – Intergrain

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