Unlocking emerging potential at Northern Australia Food Futures Conference 2021


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Dates on date palm

AgriFutures Emerging Industries Program investment in a range of diverse and burgeoning projects spanning new crop variety trials, development of research, development and extension (RD&E) plans, native foods, feasibility studies and agronomy projects will be in the spotlight at the upcoming Northern Australia Food Futures Conference in Darwin, 17 – 20 May 2021. 

AgriFutures Australia is a proud sponsor of the Northern Australia Food Futures Conference 2021, which offers a unique opportunity to showcase industry partnerships in the north – including native foods, pomegranate, jackfruit, hemp, dates and camel, just to name a few.  

Established to promote agricultural development across northern Australia and to raise the profile of the northern region at a national level, the conference will focus on engaging investors and industry to successfully profit from agricultural development while protecting the north’s rich environmental resources.  

Northern Australia offers big potential for agriculture; the region makes up 43% of Australia’s land mass, 60% of Australia’s available irrigation water and has 1.4 million hectares of arable soils.  

Opportunities for producers in the north are in abundance and the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Program will continue to play a lead role supporting future development through robust RD&E investment.  

Supporting northern development through RD&E

AgriFutures Australia Manager, Emerging Industries, Laura Skipworth is looking forward to sharing a vision for the future of production in northern Australia and AgriFutures Australia’s role in supporting industry development through RD&E.  

We are proud to showcase the large number of industries we support in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Queensland and the work we’re doing to help them gain momentum,” said Ms Skipworth.  

As part of the event we want to foster a north-south conversation between public and private agencies, and explore the common issues facing northern agricultural development 

Emerging industries have a strong role to play in supporting the national economy and meeting changing global food demands, opportunities in the north are ripe for the picking and we want to encourage further investment in the region.” 

Supporting the establishment of industries that can thrive in northern conditionsfinding alternative uses for the land and exploring innovative ways to grow traditional crops in new environment are considerations for future investment decisions.  

Conference collaboration to showcase northern opportunities

To promote the opportunities at hand, AgriFutures Australia will chair the conference emerging crops session on Thursday, 20 May. The session will focus on emerging industries and the wide range of crops grown across northern Australia and their global potential.

The panel will feature Mic Jakobi discussing hemp, David Reilly from the date industry, Matt Hall representing tropical fruits, Frank Millar on northern forestry, Adrian Spencer speaking about nutraceuticals and Tony Matchett on the sesame industry.

In addition to the conference program, the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Program is partnering with the NT Farmers Association to present the Tropical Exotic Fruit Symposium which will workshop the development of an industry RD&E plan.

Join the AgriFutures Australia team in Darwin from 17 – 20 May and hear from over 50 keynote speakers, government representatives and successful northern Australia farmers on what the future of food looks like in the north.

For the full conference program and to register, visit: foodfuturesntfarmers.org.au

Learn more about the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Program: agrifutures.com.au/emerging-industries

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