Visionary panel members to support growth of emerging industries


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Dr Matt Hall and Lucinda Hogan, newest members of the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Advisory Panel

Reimagining agricultural opportunities is a key driver for newly appointed advisory panel members, Dr Matt Hall and Ms Lucinda Hogan.

Selected as part of a competitive application and assessment process focussed on finding creative and open-minded people, Dr Hall and Ms Hogan bring a wealth of experience, new perspectives and a passion for agricultural innovation to the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Advisory Panel.

Dr Hall, Darwin NT, and Ms Hogan, Armidale NSW, come from different generations, backgrounds and locations and their shared passion for emerging industries is undeniable, with both keen to support new ways of thinking and problem solving.

“Our thinking of agriculture has changed a lot in recent years with support now for agtech, startups and people with visionary ideas. As a sector we are embracing outside the box ideas and I am excited by that,” said Ms Hogan.

“Emerging industries are a mix of extraordinary and wonderful things, and I look forward to supporting new ideas and bringing a northern Australian perspective to the panel,” said Dr Hall.

Emerging animal and plant industries are important to the Australian agricultural landscape, they contribute to the national economy and are key to meeting changing global food demands.

Some of the emerging industries AgriFutures Australia has supported include native Australian plants, quinoa, game birds and crocodiles, and more recently burgeoning industries such as insects and seaweed. The new members will assist the AgriFutures Emerging Industries Advisory Panel in identifying and supporting the development of new rural industries in Australia.

Dr Hall is a scientist who has worked in various agricultural industries providing research, development and extension services in Australia and New Zealand. He hopes to assist in the development and support of new industries.

“I trained as a scientist but am now much more interested in the business of science. AgriFutures has such a great brand as a funder of industry applied research. I want to help emerging industries develop and to assist the panel in making those decisions about what is a good investment,” said Dr Hall.

As a producer, Ms Hogan has spent her entire career involved in broadacre agriculture, as well in research, extension and training programs, and with industry organisations, but more recently has been involved in many commercialisation projects. She is excited by the role and passionate about agricultural innovation.

“I have always been excited by the opportunity to reimagine how agriculture can be and what the opportunities are in terms of new products, new ways to do old things or to solve old problems,” said Ms Hogan.

Ms Hogan brings an understanding of the process of research and development, how to transfer it into business activity and the social aspects of this process as well.

“Achieving adoption in agriculture is affected by how well we understand the social factors around the change. I hope to provide my expertise and perspective in this area to the panel,” said Ms Hogan.

Dr Hall has worked on various horticulture, forestry, cropping and pasture systems with his aim to advance productivity, competitiveness, and profitability of farming businesses.

“My main focus is on creating value. Everything I’m doing in this role and others is about how to create value for the end user, that’s really what drives me,” Dr Hall.

Ms Hogan and Dr Hall replace outgoing panel members Dr Mila Bristow and Mr Christopher McLoughlin.

Dr Matt Hall is the Director of Plant Industries for the Northern Territory Government. He completed his Bachelor of Agricultural Science and his PhD in Horticulture at the University of Sydney.

Ms Lucinda Hogan is an Associate Director Business Development and Commercialisation for the University of New England. She completed a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, has post graduate qualifications in consulting and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

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