2010 Scholars

Bonnie Hargreaves

Bonnie is excited by the diversity of the primary industries sector and is particularly interested in agricultural economics.  In the future she would like to travel to third world countries to help farmers grow their food more sustainably.

Bonnie’s interest in agriculture stems from the PICSE program. Bonnie is now an Alumni member of the Horizon Program and is studying her honours under the Grains Industry Undergraduate Honours Scholarship.

Sponsor: Horticulture Australia Ltd 

Tiffany Hunt

Tiffany comes from a beef and cropping property and is a PICSE student. She has a keen interest in integrated pasture and cropping systems and whole property planning. She hopes to use her degree to enhance the short and long-term environmental and financial sustainability of the land and its producers.

She would like to undertake such a challenge by working as a consultant in this field. Tiffany is now an Alumni member of the program having graduated from UNE in 2013.

Sponsor: Grains Research & Development Corporation 

Ashley Hobbins

Ashley was a PICSE student and has been associated with farming all her life.  She would like to work as a teacher in Agriculture, inspiring students to undertake a career in primary industries.

Ashley has a keen interest in plant physiology. Ashlee is now an Alumni member of the program, graduating from the University of Tasmania in 2012.

Sponsor: Grape & Wine Research & Development Corporation

Sean Dickson

Sean has had significant experience working on sheep studs. Sean is keen to learn more about animal husbandry management practices across a variety of livestock breeds.

Sean is now an Alumni member of the program having graduated from UNE in 2013.

Sponsor: Australian Pork Corporation Ltd 

Charissa Wright

Charissa lived on a rural property in Western Australia before studying Natural Resource Management.  She has an interest in salinity and wants to further investigate issues of plant tolerance through cross breeding, genetic engineering and through the viability of ‘bush tucker’.

In 2008, she was selected for and participated in PICSE. Charissa is now an Alumni member of the program and graduated from the University of Western Australia in 2013.

Sponsor: Australian Government Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry

Hannah Brodie

Hannah is from a 60,000 acre cattle station in north-west Queensland.

After university, she intends returning to rural Australia to work with large animals, notably with beef cattle and horses as a vet.

Sponsor: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

Nicola Paulger

Nicola hopes that her Agricultural Science studies will enable her to inspire more young people to take up the challenge of working in primary industries.

he has a background in dairy but her real passion is in breeding and genetics. Nicola is now a member of the Horizon Alumni and graduated from the University of Queensland.

Australian Egg Corporation Ltd   

Andrea Craigie

Andrea grew up on a fifth-generation mainstream irrigated cropping property, which has farmed a variety of produce and livestock over the years.

She aims to be involved in the enhancement of long-term viability in farming regions and associated rural communities. Andrea is now an Alumni member and graduated from the University of Tasmania.

Sponsor: RIRDC Chicken Meat R&D Program    

Naomi Marks

Naomi grew up on a dairy farm and has her own cattle stud. She has a strong interest in agricultural finance and marketing and in pursuing a career in agribusiness.

Naomi is now an Alumni member of the program and graduated from UNE in 2012.

Sponsor: Cotton Research & Development Corporation

Elizabeth Crerar

Elizabeth has a strong passion for agriculture and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Livestock Science at the University of New England.

Her primary areas of interest are nutrition, breeding, genetics and diseases. Elizabeth is now an Alumni member of the program and graduated from UNE in 2013.

Sponsor: Meat & Livestock Australia