2011 Scholars

Sam Adams

Following his degree Sam hopes to become an agronomist and pursue research into water and nutrient efficiencies and more sustainable plant enterprises.

He is interested in pastures, horticulture and cropping, and has recently taken part in the PICSE Growsmart program. Sam is now a Horizon Alumni member and graduated from the University of Queensland in 2013.

Sponsor: Horticulture Australia Ltd     

Ashlee Hammond

Ashlee completed a Certificate II in Agriculture whilst undertaking her secondary schooling in Victoria.

She is currently studying for a career in veterinary science, where she hopes to focus on animal nutrition and genetics, animal husbandry and welfare.

Sponsor: Australian Egg Corporation Ltd  

Emily Buddle

Emily has also taken part in the PICSE Growsmart program and has been involved in the Adelaide Royal Show and the South Australian Junior Heifer Expo to gain more exposure to the beef cattle industry.

Emily hopes to work in the livestock industry in the area of livestock management and nutrition. Emily is now a Horizon Alumni member and graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2013.

Sponsor: Meat & Livestock Australia

Emma Lee

Emma’s career ambition is to be a veterinarian specialising in livestock and bovine medicine.  At Charles Sturt University Emma hopes to gain exposure and experience to a wide range of livestock production, including beef, wool and sheep production, poultry, pigs and aquaculture.

Sponsor: Rural Industries Research & Development Corporation

Rosalind O'Reilly

Rosalind is the recipient of two senior agricultural awards at high school, and is studying a Bachelor of Animal Science at University of New England.  Rosalind is keen to pursue a career in the livestock industry, with a focus on nutrition and genetics, and one day hopes to run her own livestock advisory business.

Sponsor: Lallemand Animal Nutrition 

Matthew Rowbottom

Matthew has participated in the PICSE program and has also been part of the CSIRO Science Leadership Program.

Following his studies, Matthew aims to enter the areas of agronomy and soil and plant science, and would like to help farmers achieve productive and sustainable farming practices.

Sponsor: Meat & Livestock Australia 

Danille Fox

Danille is interested in livestock reproduction, genetics and nutrition and is considering attempting to transfer to veterinary science in a latter year of her degree.

Her ambition is for a career in agriculture where she can return to a rural area to assist farmers with her skills, contributing knowledge and expertise to make a positive difference.

Sponsor:  Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Richard Quigley

Richard’s involvement in the Horizon Scholarship follows a gap year he took last year working on an irrigation and dry land broad acre livestock operation.

Richard’s areas of interest include plant genetics and soil and water science, and he is keen to pursue a career in agricultural production.

Sponsor: Woolworths – The Fresh Food People