2013 Scholars

Emily Miller

Emily is passionate about pursuing a career in research agronomy and sustainable agriculture. She aspires to be an industry leader and to one day own and manage a broad acre farm.

Emily comes into the Horizon Scholarship program following a gap year where she worked on game farms in South Africa, teaching volunteers about the climate and wildlife.

Sponsor: Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Mikaela Baker

Mikaela has an interest in animal reproduction, production and advancing agricultural techniques for the future, particularly in relation to climate resistance.  She was first exposed to agriculture as part of a farm placement program in year 9 at school.

She went on to become her school’s ambassador for agribusiness and spoke with the Victorian Parliament in an inquiry into the ‘capacity of the farming sector to attract and retain young farmers and respond to an ageing workforce’.

Sponsor: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (Chicken Meat Program)

Paul Sanderson

Paul is a fifth generation farmer with an ambition to implement industry leading practices on his family’s farm and become an innovative leader in his field.

He aspires to contribute to a progressive, viable agricultural industry and is interested in dry land cereal, legume, oil seed cropping and sheep production.

Sponsor: Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Kate Johnston

Kate was raised on a property in Moree and has a keen interest in the relationship between pastures and animals (particularly beef cattle).  Throughout school Kate took up numerous leadership roles and participated in the Primary Industries Centre for Science Education (PISCE) Program.

She has also been involved in industry and community events including RYAG Beef, MLA & MSA Meat Judging School and Intercollegiate competitions, and state level beef cattle, wool and meat sheep judging. She has a strong passion for being an ambassador for agriculture and wants to educate young people on primary industries.

Sponsor: Meat and Livestock Australia

Matthew Rogan

Matthew has always had an interest in agriculture. Growing up on his family farm, he chose to study agriculture and also completed work experience with the Toowoomba Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI), where he also worked part time as an insect collector.

Matthew’s interests lie in the areas of entomology and agronomy and he aspires to own his own agronomy and farming business in the future.

Sponsor: Sugar Research and Development Corporation

Alexandra Trinder

Alexandra would like to work in agricultural research and development, developing new technologies and innovations, or working in agricultural extension. Her passion for agriculture grew from working on her grandparent’s farm and extended into her high school studies.

In 2011 Alexandra participated in the Primary Industries Centre for Science Education (PICSE) Program and in 2012 attended the CSU Future Farming Forum. In 2012 Alexandra also received the Australian Defence Force Award for leadership and teamwork.

Sponsor: McCaughey Memorial Institute

Claudia Raleigh

Claudia grew up on her family farm and has a strong interest in the management and science of animal production. Claudia volunteers her time as a committee member for her local show and has had experience in junior judging at Royal shows.

She was a finalist at the ‘Cream of the Crop’ competition in 2011 and in 2012 was awarded her school’s award for agriculture as well as the Leadership, Scholarship and Sportsmanship Award. She has a passion for education and would like to become a teacher to promote agriculture to young people.

Sponsor: Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Charlie French

Charlie has a strong passion for agriculture, particularly farming, and is eager to gain a broad and diverse range of both practical agricultural and environmentally based farming skills as well as knowledge of business, commodity trading and marketing.

He is particularly interested in the production side of agriculture and gaining knowledge of marketing to better negotiate the sale of end products.  He has held numerous leadership roles both within school and sports and achieved the Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2009 and 2010.

Sponsor: Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Alana Johnson

Alana has a strong commitment to agriculture and is keen to explore a career in fibre and cereal agronomy and cotton research. Alana has undertaken numerous work experience opportunities and was part of the Primary Industries Centre for Science Education (PISCE) program.

She has been an ambassador at the Department of Agriculture Ag youth round table, and has represented her school at two national cotton conferences.

Sponsor: Cotton Research and Development Corporation 

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Jessica is a sixth generation farmer with an ambition to become an agronomist to utilise new knowledge of soil science and plant growth factors to help farmers improve their yield whilst becoming economically sustainable.

Jessica graduated as Prefect of her school, was Chairman of the Victorian Arabian Youth Group and was awarded the 2011 Australasian Winner of the CPA Plan Your Own Enterprise competition.

Sponsor: Cotton Research and Development Corporation

Sarah Robertson

Sarah hopes to become an agronomist specialising in rice growing and marketing in the Riverina in southern New South Wales. During Sarah’s gap year in 2012, she worked with several agronomist firms assisting in the monitoring of over 7,000 acres of rice.

Sarah would also like to pursue research into water management, nutrient efficiencies, weed management and pest control.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Amy Lucas

Amy is committed to a future career in agriculture. In 2011 Amy completed the PICSE Industry Placement Scholarship program and participated in her school’s Envirothon competition.

Since this time Amy’s passion for agriculture has grown and she would like to work on important issues like food production, climate change and sustainability. She also has an interest in soil science and agronomy.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation