2014 Scholars

Grace Scott

Grace comes from Castle Hill New South Wales and is passionate about a future in plant sciences, plant physiology and genetics. During high school Grace managed two greenhouses with a variety of plant species and regularly participated in the Model Farms High school display at the Castle Hill show. In 2013 Grace completed the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PISCE) program at the University of Southern Queensland, where she worked in a plant genetics lab.

Grace aspires to carry her degree into a PhD where she would like to conduct research into developing varieties of staple grains to alleviate some of the pressures the world is facing from global warming.

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Michael Wellington

Michael is from Toowong in Queensland and is passionate about agronomy and soil science. During high school he worked on local farms and has developed an interest in sustainable land use and agricultural innovation. Michael has travelled internationally to increase his exposure to agriculture on a global scale, recently spending time in East Timor.

Michael aspires to participate in the implementation of development programs working for the United Nations Food and Agriculture organisation to bring back skills to Australia to assist researchers and farmers develop more innovative and sustainable farming.  He is also passionate about becoming an advocate for the issues facing agriculture, and wants to combat the ‘city-country’ divide using modern technology, such as social media, to market news to a non-rural audience.

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Alana Martin

Alana is from Perth in Western Australia and is passionate about the food science industry, especially looking at the micro-organisms and nutrients found in soil and understanding the symbiotic relationship between soil biology and plants. In 2013 Alana completed and became an ambassador for the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PISCE) program, working with the soil biology and molecular ecology group at the University of Western Australia

Alana aspires to contribute to eliminating the worldwide food inequality through research and communication in soil science, agriculture and sustainability. She wants to increase the quality and understanding of Australian soils in conjunction with conventional farming practices, and hopes also to work overseas in developing countries.

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Sam Johnston

Sam is from Forbes in New South Wales and has a strong interest in modern production systems with a focus on innovation and new technology. During Year 12 Sam developed the Johnston Multi-Hitch for his Design & Technology major project. The Multi-Hitch is a new three point linkage device which allows utilisation of a number of front end loader attachments on the rear of the tractors.

Sam’s project was nominated for the DesignTECH exhibition in the Powerhouse Museum and won second place at the Land Farm Invention of the Year Award. Sam’s ambition is to gain corporate experience in food production and marketing to achieve agricultural excellence in Australia. He was also school prefect and has received the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award.

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Felicity Taylor

Felicity is from Moree in New South Wales and comes from a sixth generation mixed enterprise farming background specialising in cropping and beef. Felicity aspires to a career in finance or agri-politics and is passionate about supporting the needs of rural communities, as well as showcasing Australian agricultural on a global scale.

During school Felicity won numerous agricultural awards and competitions, as well as the University of Sydney Year 10 Academics Excellence Award, the HSC Dux, the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze) and was also the sports house captain, tennis captain and president of the charity committee.

Upon completing her HSC Felicity took a gap year where she worked as a field technician for Kalyx but also increased her community engagement through her role as an ambassador for young country women as part of the Moree Showgirl competition.

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Amy Carpenter

Amy is from Gazette in western Victoria and grew up on a small sheep farm . Amy completed a Certificate II & III in Agriculture and received the WesVic Staffing Solutions VET Excellence Award. She also furthered her interest in wool by completing a Certificate III in Woolclip Preparation.  During her gap year Amy worked as a jillaroo on a cattle station before returning home to work as roustabout for Southern Shearing Contractors and her local rural merchandise store.

She has competed in several competitions including wool handling, has been involved with her local pony club and has competed in campdrafts and stockman’s challenges. Amy has a strong interest in animal nutrition and genetics.

Sponsor:  Australian Wool Innovation

Anna Rose Markey

Anna is from Menai New South Wales and has a passion for a career in veterinary science and aspires to work in a rural veterinary practice specializing in production animals. She has a specific interest in genetics and genomics to assist growers to develop the potential of their herds and production outputs through new technologies.

Anna believes genetics and genomics will help improve herd quality, production and pastures, a belief which has stemmed from her attendance at seminars and forums as part of International Dairy Week. Anna attended Hurlstone Agricultural College, was a senior member of the Rural Youth Program, a junior rural ambassador for the Camden Show and has been involved in numerous dairy competitions and team challenges.

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Georgia Campbell

Georgia is from Freshwater New South Wales and discovered a passion for agriculture during early high school and was able to pursue electives to enhance her interest despite not being on a farm. Her commitment to agriculture saw her awarded the Mollie Drummond Memorial prize for Agriculture in Year 12. Her particular interest is in sustainable agriculture but she is also looking to contribute to extension activities based on research and development to assist farmers and industries increase their expertise, knowledge and productivity.

Georgia has demonstrated strong leadership throughout her schooling including: elected school prefect, house captain, captain of bands and was awarded a Defence Force Long Tan Award for Leadership, the school sports award and also the Year 12 Gold Medallion, which is the highest award for school involvement and leadership.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Jordy Kitschke

Jordy is from Jamestown, South Australia and has a passion for a career in agriculture with a strong focus on grain production and soil amelioration.

He has an interest in science, particularly molecular biology in soils, and believes through soil amelioration, the quality and yield of Australian crops will increase.

During his schooling, Jordy also participated in extracurricular and community activities including Salvation Army volunteering, the Duke of Edinburgh award, sporting and student council representation.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Cameron Broun

Cameron is from Beverley, Western Australia and is a fifth generation farmer who has grown up on a mixed grain and livestock farm in the Western Australian wheat belt. He has a strong passion for agriculture, chemistry and the opportunities in chemical design and production.

At a young age Cameron grew his own crop on the family farm, experimenting with different types of fertilisers and was an active member of the Mandurah and District Orchid Club, being involved in the growing and display of the club’s produce.

Cameron would like to contribute to designing and producing new sprays, drenches, or fertilisers that are more efficient, and produce new products that can help control disease, pests and invasive species.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Melissa McCallum

Melissa is from Inglewood South Australia and has a strong interest in working with plants, in particular plant pathology. She has gained experience in agriculture through her participation in the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PISCE) program and ongoing work experience opportunities within the grains industry.

She undertook science based subjects as part of her final year but also completed a science project aimed at comparing conventional and hybrid canolas. She aims to contribute to improving food security for the future and believes continued improvement through plant pathology will contribute to doing so.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Anne Warren

Anne is from Canberra and developed her passion for agriculture during primary school where she studied units on salinity and water use. She went on to complete work experience on-farm and actively sought exposure to sustainability in agriculture.

Anne took a gap year to attend Tocal Agriculture College to complete a Certificate III in agriculture and worked on several farms to gain practical skills.

Anne is passionate about a career as a research scientist, particularly in agronomy and soil science, and would like to take on an advisory role to contribute to the long term economic and environmental sustainability of Australian agriculture.

Sponsor: Honeybee Program, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Finnlay Cowden

Finnlay is part of a fourth generation grazing and cereal enterprise near Harden, New South Wales and has extensive experience working in key areas of the family business.

His career aspirations are fuelled from his experience on farm and he aspires to work with farmers on a one on one basis to assist them improve their business. Finnlay studied at Hurlstone Agricultural College during secondary school and has contributed to numerous agriculture shows, from volunteering to Merino judging and cattle parading.



Finnlay is passionate about studying Agricultural Economics majoring in geopolitics, with his aim to assist farmers to grow their businesses.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Samuel Coggins

Samuel is from Canberra and has experience working on his family’s beef and dairy farms, as well as experience working on a boutique winery in the Barossa Valley.

Sam is passionate about becoming a leader in the growth of Australian agriculture and its potential to prevent the approaching global food shortage. He is most interested in developing new agricultural methods that are more efficient and sustainable, as well as working directly with Australian farmers and policy makers to improve agricultural production.

Sam has been captain of his school’s cricket and soccer teams, established a house mentoring program, has won public speaking competitions and was awarded the Canberra Grammar School Medal for outstanding service.

Sponsor: Grains Research and Development Corporation

Jack Scifleet

Jack is a fourth generation farmer from Binnaway, NSW and is passionate about seeing the agriculture industry thrive.

Following completion of Year 12, Jack took a gap year where he spent his time between the Paspaley Pearling Company in Darwin and his family farm.

Jack sees the importance of supporting young people in entering agriculture as a way of improving the technical side of agriculture businesses. He is especially interested in business studies with a focus on agribusiness and economics with the aim to explore marketing, exports and finance.

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