Plan Bee: The National Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program

Frequently asked questions

What is the aim of the National Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program?

The National Honeybee Genetic Improvement Program aims to deliver benefits across multiple industries by creating a more profitable and sustainable beekeeping industry, improving crop pollination efficiency, and enabling industry expansion through enhanced pollination security.

The Program is being administered by AgriFutures Australia and is being delivered under the National Challenges and Opportunities focus area, as set out in the Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

Who is involved in the Program?

Queen breeders, producers, beekeepers and growers across the country are collaborating with research teams funded by AgriFutures Australia to create a sustainable national honey bee genetic improvement program, using innovative breeding technologies to transform the performance of honey bees in Australia.

It will focus simultaneously on traits of importance to beekeepers, and of the horticulture and broadacre industries dependent on honey bee pollination.