A Hive-based Levy for the Honeybee Industry

  • 77 pages

  • Published: 9 Jul 2010

  • Author(s): Robert Granger, Vicki Woodburn

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The honeybee industry currently enjoys the benefits of compulsory legislated levies for research and development, managing emergency animal disease threats and supporting residue testing services for honey. These levies help the honeybee industry to maintain and improve its productivity and profitability. The industry currently pays levies on sales of honey and queenbees.
In the interest of continuous improvement, and trying to keep the honeybee industry as productive, profitable and sustainable as possible, the peak body for the industry, the Australian Honey Bee Industry Council, has proposed that an investigation occur into whether there would be benefits in replacing the existing levies with a unified hive-based levy paid by all beekeepers.