Adapting grain crop seed threshing and cleaning equipment for sesame and other emerging spice crops

  • 6 pages

  • Published: 6 Oct 2023

  • Author(s): Lewis Hunter, Ramadas Narayanan

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Threshing and cleaning are vital processes that separate grain and seed from harvested plants, as well as remove unwanted contaminants. A number of emerging plant crops, such as sesame, fennel and kalonji, have relatively small seeds but there is no existing specific threshing and cleaning equipment available to producers.

This study aimed to (1) evaluate the effectiveness of laboratory-scale Kimseed threshing and cleaning equipment; and (2) determine the optimal settings for Australian production systems.

The project concluded that rotor speed and the blade angle of the screen influence the threshing process for small-seed spice crops. The rotor speed significantly impacts threshing capacity, while the blade angle directly influences threshing efficiency. For the cleaning machine, shaker frequency and airflow are important parameters that impact capacity and clean seed percentage.

These important findings enabled the research team to determine the ideal setting parameters for small-seed spice crops.