Agroforestry Water Use in Mediterranean Regions of Australia

  • 71 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 1998

  • Author(s): Raper, G. P.

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This report was prepared as part of a project funded by the Rural Industries research and Development Corporation under their Joint Venture Agroforestry Programme and this is gratefully acknowledged. Don Bennett of Agriculture Western Australia, Bunbury provided recommendations on the salinity thresholds for trees and shrubs used in the development of the tree water use model. Greg Bartle, CSIRO Division of Water Resources supplied groundwater data for the Cuballing catchment. Bob Nulsen, Richard George, David Bicknell and Greg Hamilton all of Agriculture Western Australia made valuable comments on an early draft of this document and provided constructive criticism that helped refine its scope and content. John Marshall, Marcam Environmental; Ian Colquhoun, ALCOA of Australia, and Frank Dunin, CSIRO reviewed the document and their useful comments and criticisms contributed greatly to its final quality. All errors and omissions, of course, remain the sole responsibility of the author, especially in regard to the nature of the model of tree water use which attracted widely differing comments from the reviewers and which remains somewhat contentious.