Analysis of the Market for Pollination Service in Australia

  • 60 pages

  • Published: 4 Jun 2008

  • Author(s): Monck, Michael, Jenny Gordon Kevin Hanslow - CIE

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This report examines the market for pollination services in Australia and how it is expected to evolve over time under three scenarios: business as usual, where there is some growth in demand with expansion of some pollination dependant crops; a Varroa incursion that raises supply costs and sparks a massive increase in demand; and this same scenario but where industry is proactive to improve the responsiveness of supply.

The report provides an assessment of the prices and access to pollination services for the major honeybee pollination dependant industries. This information should inform the development of the business plan for the proposed industry alliance, Pollination Australia, made up of agricultural industries and the honeybee industry.