Australian Agricultural Life Cycle Inventory fact sheet

  • Published: 24 Jun 2013

  • Author(s): Eady, Sandra

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The transition to a “green” economy is underway and there is an increasing trend across businesses to look at ways of assessing the environmental impact of their goods and services. This applies to all industries but especially agriculture, a sector that relies on valuable but vulnerable land and water resources.

As the global population is expected to hit 9-billion by 2050, the demand for food will also increase by an estimated 70%. Because of this, there is an increasing need to measure the impact or ‘footprint’ of our food production systems in order to improve efficiencies and environmental performance. Calculating these impacts is known as a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). These LCAs typically measure the impact each product has from cradle-to-grave or in other words, measure the entire life cycle of the product.