Australian Low Rainfall Tree Improvement Group: metadata from measures of hardwood tree improvement trials in southern Australia

  • 158 pages

  • Published: 18 Jun 2009

  • Author(s): Bush, D., Jackson, T., Driscoll, J., Harwood, C.

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This JVAP report contains high level data summaries (metadata) taken from the measurement of 30 tree improvement trials established by partners of the Australian Low Rainfall Tree Improvement Group (ALRTIG). The report focuses on hardwood species that are suited to Australia’s low rainfall sheep-wheat belt, an area that is of increasing interest to Australian society for a number of reasons including biodiversity, water security and potential for diversified agriculture including carbon sequestration and bioenergy production.

ALRTIG’s goal, since its formation in 1999, has been to develop and genetically improve tree species that are both well-adapted to this region, and that will produce commercially valuable products in tandem with environmental outcomes.