Australian Seaweed Industry Blueprint Implementation Plan

  • 26 pages

  • Published: 3 Feb 2023

  • Author(s): Jo Kelly

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-351-9

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The Australian Seaweed Industry Blueprint – A Blueprint for Growth was published in 2020, highlighting the opportunity for the Australian seaweed industry to achieve $100 million gross value of production (GVP) by 2025. The Blueprint detailed three critical success factors: (1) industry leadership and collaboration; (2) production capability and scale; and (3) innovation for the future, and if the designated research and development activities were completed, the industry would continually grow towards this GVP target.

To progress the blueprint, an implementation plan was required. Through extensive industry consultation, this Australian Seaweed Industry Blueprint Implementation Plan was developed. This Implementation Plan, across two sections, details to industry how the Blueprint will be executed to advance the critical research, development and extension priorities identified.

Section 1 addresses six R&D streams of work identified in the Blueprint as being central to industry growth over the next four years: 1. Blueprint engagement; 2. Blueprint delivery plan; 3. National Hatchery Network concept design; 4. National seaweed industry group establishment; 5. Cluster planning framework; and 6. Space planning and policy audit – seaweed ocean aquaculture.

Section 2 further details the concept design for a National Hatchery Network (NHN). The concept design pulls together principles and resources that when implemented will provide the industry with knowledge of native seaweed species and their cultivation techniques. The proposal for a centralised network aims to build capability to solve the industry’s major R&D challenges relating to hatchery techniques, strain selection and disease over coming decades, and provide a forum to deliver this information to stakeholders.