Australian sustainable phosphorus futures – Phase 1

  • 63 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2014

  • Author(s): Cordell, Dr. Dana, Jackson, Melissa, Boronyak, Louise, Cooper, Chris, Mohr, Dr. Steve, Moore, Dustin, Retamal , Monique, White, Prof. Stuart

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Without adaptation to the way phosphorus is used and managed, global phosphorus scarcity could constrain Australian food production and impact global food security. As an essential nutrient in fertilisers for food production, phosphorus has no substitute. Australia and the world are currently dependent on phosphorus from finite phosphate rock reserves, which are becoming more expensive, scarce, difficult to access and geopolitically concentrated in only a few countries.

Limited research to understand and address the regional implications of phosphorus scarcity exists. This report is primarily targeted at research and development organisations, policy-makers and industry groups concerned with sustainable agriculture and food production. Relevant industries include: phosphate mining and fertiliser industries, agricultural industries, food production, processing and distribution industries, wastewater and waste management industries.