Better understanding viral disinformation impacting Australia’s food and fibre system

  • 65 pages

  • Published: 1 Jun 2023

  • Author(s): Tenacious Ventures

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The Future Forces: A ten-year horizon for Australian agriculture report identified five forces that will shape the coming decade of food and agriculture.

One of these forces was viral disinformation in the food system. The report explains that changes in digital and communications technologies meant the food system is increasingly susceptible to attacks to discredit it and erode public trust. While the report highlighted viral disinformation as an important trend to take notice of, it only scratched the surface of this topic that, at the time, was new to many stakeholders in food and agriculture.

This toolkit, commissioned by AgriFutures Australia and developed by Tenacious Ventures, is designed to help industry stakeholders better understand what disinformation is, how it is spread and by whom, and, critically, what can be done to mitigate disinformation threats.

The toolkit is a resource to help stakeholders explore the five fundamentals of disinformation. It is intended to provide practical support to help stakeholders within food and agriculture better understand the threat of disinformation, and how we each can play a role in mitigating and responding to threats in the future.

Throughout the toolkit, real-world examples are used to bring the concepts and theory to life.