Collaborating to Maximise Benefits from Local Government Natural Resource Management Projects

  • 15 pages

  • Published: 5 Oct 2005

  • Author(s): River, Su Wild

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The aim of this small project was to achieve collaboration between two parallel larger projects, funded by different Research and Development (R&D) Corporations. They are RIRDC project Factors impeding and facilitating natural resource management by local government, and the Land and Water Australia (LWA) project Extending Audit outcomes to enhance rural local government environmental capacity. The intended benefits of both projects to be enhanced by this collaboration include • raising the level of knowledge about roles, constraints and opportunities of local governments in all aspects of NRM • increasing the cost-effectiveness of NRM programs by improving knowledge about their strengths and weaknesses • identify factors impeding the uptake of NRM programs by LGs and • better targeting of NRM programs through the feedback provided by LGs. 2005, 15pgs, W05/124, Web Only