Cross-contamination by Chemicals of Farming Family Members

  • 52 pages

  • Published: 7 Jan 2015

  • Author(s): Curtis, Nicole

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South East Premium Wheat Growers (SEPWA) is a farmer initiated group that was started in 1993 to represent wheat growers in the Esperance Port Zone (EPZ). There are approximately 450 grain-growing farm businesses in the region and around half of them are SEPWA members.

Chemicals are an important part of management systems for the majority of farmers cropping within the EPZ. In the past two decades, farmers have relied more and more on chemicals as they’ve introduced minimum tillage methods of rotational cropping.

From a research perspective, this project’s focus was to explore the possibility of any cross-contamination of farm chemical residue occurring from the farm worker to any member of their family, following the use of a chemical at work. The question was: how high are the levels of chemical residue found in family members in the EPZ and how were the family members exposed to chemicals?