Deer Industry R&D Plan 2006-2011

  • 48 pages

  • Published: 29 Jan 2007

  • Author(s): RIRDC

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Five Year Research and Development (R&D) Plans are developed for each of RIRDC’s major
The 2006-2011 Deer R&D Plan is the third Five Year Plan developed by the Australian deer
industry and the Australian Government and identifies key objectives for R&D investment.
Associated with each objective is a set of strategies to be followed in pursuing each objective
and a set of performance indicators to give guidance as to how the program can be assessed as it
progresses. An indicative share of the R&D budget has also been proposed for each plan
objective in order to guide investment priorities.
Preparation of the R&D Plan occurred partly in parallel with a comprehensive review of the
Australian venison industry, and the development of an industry endorsed Strategic Plan for
venison production, processing and marketing under a RIRDC funded project US-130A “An
Industry Endorsed Strategic Plan for the Australian Venison Industry” (Cox, Watson & McRae,
2005). It was also developed as a result of consultation with the industry and through a
workshop of deer industry participants held in Melbourne in early 2006.
The R&D Plan reflects the state of the industry in 2006 as it recovers from drought, low
commodity prices and some industry restructuring. The industry’s goal is to become a profitable
and sustainable food industry with efficient vertically integrated supply chains, effective
marketing for a range of internationally competitive products and skilled human resources. This
will be achieved through the organisation funding and management of a research, development
and extension program that is both market focussed and stakeholder driven.
In April 2006, the Deer Industry Association of Australia (DIAA) applied for additional
industry development funding under the Australian Government’s Industry Partnership Program
(IPP) to further the industry’s R&D program. The Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and
Forestry, the Hon. Peter McGauran MP, announced in June 2006 that the Government would
provide $350,000 to the DIAA for this purpose. This additional IPP funding will allow rapid
implementation of this R&D plan, and, in particular, will allow the industry to support market
development activities included in the Venison Supply Chain Alliances, which are critical to
industry growth. All market related activities will be managed by Department of Agriculture,
Fisheries and Forestry on behalf of the DIAA. The joint funding arrangement, including how
the IPP funding will be managed, is outlined in this Five Year Plan.