Development of a range of pesticides for use in coffee: Generating insecticide efficacy and residue data to support registration

  • 57 pages

  • Published: 17 Apr 2007

  • Author(s): Lewis, Keith, Gorton, Michael

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This report describes the methodology used, results obtained and outcomes achieved in providing a complete data package to the relevant parties to enable Australian coffee growers’ access to the legal use of a range of pesticides in this crop.

The report is targeted at growers, regulators and any other parties interested in the production of coffee in Australia.

Coffee growing is a small but viable industry in Australia comprising 30 growers in Queensland (700 ha), and 170 growers in NSW producing 500 ha of crop. The current crop is thus 1220 ha and is projected to grow substantially. Approximately 50% of total production is exported, and growers actively promote their product overseas. Australian coffee enjoys a reputation for being “clean and green” and for being of very high quality.