Down Production on Cashmere Goats Genetic Implications

  • 101 pages

  • Published: 1 Mar 2004

  • Author(s): R.J.Browne, R.G.Pearce

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This project aimed to seek an understanding of genetic factors, or a combination of such, associated with high phenotypic down production in cashmere goats.

Currently the low annual down production per head is a major constraint in productivity and financial return from this industry. An understanding of the basis of inherited down production would provide a catalyst for the economic development of the Cashmere gene pool in Australia.

While the down production average in Australia is similar to that of other countries, some very high production animals do exist in the Australian herd. Using a group of Cashmere animals selected for high down production, housed and fed a controlled ration, this project sets out to identify the range of fleece production patterns in the group and catalogue the genetic components influencing down growth.