EMS and Land Valuation: The potential for land valuation to drive the adoption of Environmental Management Systems in Agricultur

  • 86 pages

  • Published: 1 May 2002

  • Author(s): Nind, Catherine

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This report presents the findings of a RIRDC-funded research project on Land Valuation as a potential driver for Environmental Management Systems (EMS) in agriculture. The implementation of EMS in Australian agriculture has been slow, but is beginning to gain momentum as businesses respond to demands from consumers and markets to provide proof that they are operating in an environmentally responsible manner. Incentives for implementing EMS would assist in improving this rate of adoption and help to improve our environment.
An increase in land value has been suggested as a potential incentive for the adoption of EMS in agriculture. This report researches and evaluates the potential use of land valuation as a ‘driver’ for the adoption of EMS. This includes investigation into methods of valuation for rating and taxation, of the types of conservation measures that would be appropriate to assess as part of a rating system, and of the role of market forces in the process. Although the report focuses on Western Australia, issues and opportunities to provide incentives through land valuation in other States in Australia are outlined.