Energy Recovery from Litter: A Guide for Users

  • 21 pages

  • Published: 30 Jul 2015

  • Author(s): Wiedemann, SG

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Traditionally, spent chicken litter has been applied to land as a fertiliser and soil conditioner and this is currently the largest and most important end use for poultry litter. However, opportunities may exist in the future to utilise the energy value of litter with a number of different bioenergy production techniques, producing bioenergy and valuable fertiliser products. These technologies range from mature to prototype, and very few have been applied in the Australian chicken meat industry to date.

This guide aims to characterise chicken litter as a feedstock for energy generation and identify the main technology options available for bioenergy production. The guide acts as an ‘entry point’ for interested poultry producers, with references to more detailed research project reports.