Enhancing the Unique Properties of Kangaroo Leather

  • 60 pages

  • Published: 1 Aug 2002

  • Author(s): Looney, Mark, et al

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The commercial kangaroo industry has grown over the last thirty years to be worth $200M and accounts for over 4000 jobs mainly in rural regions. The use of the meat, skins and leather in products for the domestic and export market has made it the largest native animal industry in Australia. One key factor in the growth of the industry has been the move away from the exporting of raw skins and a greater emphasis on further processing of the skins in Australia.

Kangaroo leather is unique, compared to other types of leathers, in that it offers high strength whilst remaining lightweight and flexible. This combination of properties makes it in demand for high quality leather goods particularly high performance sporting products. Despite these inherent characteristics, there exists the opportunity for further improvements in leather quality to address the increasing customer demand for performance and the future competition from synthetic materials.