Equine pleuropneumonia – a travel sickness

  • 28 pages

  • Published: 6 Apr 1999

  • Author(s): Leadon, D. P.

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This booklet provides an insight into the history of horse transport and the current practices of the horse transport industry. Data is presented which illustrates the enormous numbers of horses that are transported each year and provides examples of various air journeys and their effects. These examples have been selected so that they have relevance to the Australian horse industry; the transport of thoroughbred yearlings to auction sales, transport of racehorses to major overseas racing festivals and transport of horses from Europe to Australia. These examples are followed by a look into the future which explains how current research initiatives will increase awareness of the effects of journeys and help to maintain ongoing improvements in the practices of this very substantial and economically important industry. This publication concludes with practical recommendations on the health care of transported horses based on the author’s experience of over 150 flights with horses to Australia and his research.