Establishing a pine nut industry in Australia: Feasibility report

  • 32 pages

  • Published: 17 Jun 2022

  • Author(s): Pratik Ambani, Jennifer Lieu

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-278-9

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The pine nut is the seed of the pine tree, a coniferous resinous tree of the Pinaceae family, with premium pine nuts originating from the Pinus pinea species. Australia has only two current commercial-scale Pinus pinea growers, with one of the orchards being approximately 370 hectares. While pine nuts are a longer-term investment compared to many of the other horticultural produce, farmers have the opportunity to add regenerative and carbon farming practices to their orchards for some short-term returns.

The development of a feasibility report is the first phase in identifying growth potential for the Australian pine nut industry; phase two of this project the development of a research, development and extension plan.

This feasibility report is the result of extensive desktop research and stakeholder consultation across the Australian pine nut industry to determine the potential of pine nut production in Australia and to provide recommended next steps to further establish the Australian pine nut industry.

The ‘Establishing a pine nut industry: Feasibility report’ has been produced as part of AgriFutures Australia’s Emerging Industries Program, which focuses on new and emerging industries with high growth potential. Emerging animal and plant industries play an important part in the Australian agricultural landscape. They contribute to the national economy and are key to meeting changing global food demands.