Eucalypt Plantation Habitats for Fauna in Rural Landscapes – Enhancing their value with appropriate designs

  • 41 pages

  • Published: 31 Oct 2008

  • Author(s): Loyn, R, McNabb, E, Macak, P, Noble, P

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This report describes a series of studies conducted to assess the contribution that eucalypt plantations can make to achieving biodiversity conservation goals and to test and develop practical modifications to the standard design of commercial eucalypt plantations that will increase their contributions to regional biodiversity conservation goals. This information is important because little is known about the roles that plantations can and cannot perform in contributing to regional biodiversity conservation goals. There may be unrealised opportunities for enhancing these roles with little loss in economic production, through small changes to plantation design or management. The current project takes a two-pronged approach to developing such innovations, with experimental and retrospective components.
It is hoped that the report will be useful to rural policy makers and regional planners, who need to know what plantations can and cannot do to contribute to biodiversity conservation. It will also be useful to land managers who may wish or need to consider biodiversity conservation in the mix of outcomes intended from their programs of establishing and managing plantations.