Final report summary: Review of the security of tenure for apiary on public lands

  • 4 pages

  • Published: 10 May 2022

  • Author(s): Bridget Phelan, Michael Clarke

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The aim of this project was to understand the current legal, policy and business status of Australian beekeeping permissions on public lands. The project examined apiary permissions across Australian jurisdictions and contrasted their status with those enjoyed by other industries that use public land. It investigated the potential implications of upgrading apiary permissions, the potential for state government legislation or policy change, and possible approaches for the rollout of more secure tenure agreements.

Relative to other users, beekeepers have inadequate tenure over public lands. This project identified alternative models for beekeepers to hold secure tenure, noting that state government enabling legislation would need to change to facilitate their implementation.

While it may be possible to establish the conditions necessary for apiary permits to upgrade from an insecure licence to a lease, the more likely outcome will be a strengthening of apiary permits under existing legislation via more favourable policy settings.