Growing Australian Red Cedar and other Meliaceae species in plantation

  • 76 pages

  • Published: 1 May 2005

  • Author(s): Bygrave, Fyfe, Bygrave, Patricia

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Red cedar is famed for its beautiful deep red, easy-to-work timber, and a history of logging associated with early Australian settlement. The timber is now so rare that it can fetch a high price, particularly once made into fine furniture. Many have tried to grow this tree in woodlots, often unsuccessfully, and it has been concluded, somewhat wistfully, that the species cannot be grown into a straight timber tree.

This book, an initiative of the authors, explains the relationship that a number of cedar species worldwide have with the Hypsipyla shootborer, and outlines the current state of knowledge on the insect-cedar interaction and their chemistry. The authors demonstrate that they have successfully reared their red cedar woodlots to several metres in height, and show that with vigilance, this species can be grown.