Hazelnuts in Australia: Productivity and economic analysis for industry expansion

  • 104 pages

  • Published: 26 May 2023

  • Author(s): Jacquelyn Simpson, Jason Lewis, Bruno Holzapfel, Jessica Fearnley, Aphrika Gregson, Steven Falivene, Myles Parker, Amanda Warren-Smith

  • ISBN: 978-1-76053-373-1

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The Australian hazelnut industry is one of Australia’s smaller nut industries. Globally, Turkey is the largest producer of hazelnuts, generating 70% of the world’s production (700,000 tonnes annually). Driven by increasing global demand for nuts and nut products over the past decade, the Australian industry is expanding. A thriving hazelnut industry in the southern hemisphere ensures a year-round supply of fresh hazelnuts and spreads the risk of supply issues.

This productivity and economic analysis is the result of extensive desktop research, field trials and stakeholder consultation across the Australian hazelnut industry, and is a resource to support existing and new hazelnut growers to achieve productive and profitable yields. Field research involved understanding the parameters required for successful hazelnut production in Australia across various regions and soil types for different hazelnut varieties, including nutrition, water, pest, disease and weed management. It is anticipated this work will encourage the expansion of the hazelnut industry in Australia by demonstrating sustainable hazelnut production systems across different climatic regions.