High-Power Ultrasound for Control of Honey Crystallisation

  • 140 pages

  • Published: 18 Oct 2007

  • Author(s): D\'Arcy, Bruce R.

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This report details a successful development of a process for liquefying candied honey based on the use of ultrasound technology. This research is important due to the concern within the honey industry that the present heating regime used to liquefy candied honey is reducing the quality of honey, particularly its flavour. Therefore, it was necessary to undertake this research project to determine if it was feasible and cost effective to replace the present heat treatment used by the honey industry for the liquefaction of naturally crystallised or candied honey, with an ultrasound treatment. The experiments undertaken used a laboratory scale ultrasound processor to gather critical data that could be used to support industrial scale-up trials within a honey packing company, or by beekeepers. In addition, the Dyce creamed honey process was examined with respect to the factors that affect the crystallisation of D-glucose monohydrate and thus the quality of creamed honey, and whether ultrasound treatment could improve the quality of creamed honey.