Irrigation management and groundwater uptake in young tree plantations growing over high watertables

  • 63 pages

  • Published: 1 Dec 2002

  • Author(s): Polglase, P.J., et al

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This report describes results from a three-year trial in young eucalypts irrigated with fresh water near Deniliquin in south-western NSW. The area is characterised by a long history of irrigated agriculture, and as a consequence the mostly saline watertables have risen often to within 3 m of the soil surface. Through a variety of avenues, tree plantations are increasingly being established in the region for on-farm diversification, to generate a commercial wood product, and for environmental benefit.
This research has shown that given appropriate site selection and management practices, tree plantations can be established to:
? Minimise both the volume of irrigation water applied and the proportion wasted to groundwater;
? Maximise groundwater uptake; and
? Grow wood at fast rates.