Landholder collaboration in wildlife management Models for landholders to share benefits from kangaroo harvesting

  • 55 pages

  • Published: 19 Feb 2009

  • Author(s): Cooney, Rosie

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This report is about landholder involvement in the management of wildlife in Australia. It examines and evaluates a set of broad options for landholders to be involved in, and benefit from, kangaroo harvest based on assessment of current management practice and selected overseas experience. It then proposes and develops a detailed model based on collaboration and benefit-sharing between harvesters and landholders. The research is important because there are good arguments involving landholders in kangaroo management that can help deliver better rangeland outcomes in terms of conservation and land management, on one hand, and more diversified and resilient rural incomes, on the other. These arguments have been made for many years, but little attention has been paid to developing and evaluating models for making it happen. This research fills this gap.